Daphne’s Bio

“Hi there, I’m Daphne I’m the PrEP Navigator/Linkage To Care Specialist for Matthew25 in Evansville, Indiana. I provide a variety of prevention and support services within our organization. I love being able to connect with my community and to help create a better future surrounding public health. I have several sites I go to in the community and offer Health education and free HIV test. I’m very passionate about HIV care and HIV prevention, but I also believe in looking at the big picture of how PrEP and other prevention services can support each of my clients as a whole. I am always encouraging positive sexual health and empowering people to feel they are in control of their own outcomes, I believe it makes each of us better people at the end of the day." I want to assure them that everything will be ok and we are here for them the whole way.”

Hours of Availability

  • Weekdays

    8 am – 5 pm

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