Kodie's Bio

Living in a rural area has always been a struggle for our community regarding resources and other assets. Since the 2015 HIV outbreak, we have been able to come together and provide prevention and support services that has allowed us to collaborate with the members of our team and community to ensure that continuity of care is provided. Being a Prevention Outreach & PrEP Specialist has allowed me to connect and encourage a healthier sexual lifestyle for our patients. I especially love to bring awareness and support for our LGBTQIA+ community, in which lacks the appropriate resources in a rural community. Working at Foundations Family Medicine and REFRESH F5 has allowed me to help make the world a better place by offering prevention services to one individual at a time.

"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light." - Norman B. Rice.

Hours of Availability

  • Weekdays

    8:00am -5:00pm